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Associate Professor, School of Environment, Faculty of Sciences, The University of Auckland, Tāmaki Makarau Auckland, Aotearoa New Zealand

Dr Meg Parsons

I am a passionate transdisciplinary social scientist specializing in environmental management and climate change adaptation, focusing on Indigenous peoples and rural women in Oceania and Australasia. My expertise spans climate adaptation's social and cultural aspects, emphasizing climate justice, gender justice, Indigenous and local knowledge, and decolonial environmental management practices.

Of Indigenous Māori and non-Indigenous descent, I am committed to decolonialising research and teaching. I engage with various disciplinary traditions and techniques, including human geography, historical studies, environmental management, sociology, and Indigenous studies, to investigate Indigenous and other historically marginalised communities' experiences of and relationships with changing social-ecological systems.

I proudly contributed to the IPCC Working Group II's Sixth Assessment Report, am co-editor-in-chief for Climate Risk Management, and an editorial board member for Landscape Research.

I teach various courses at the University of Auckland in Human Geography, Sustainability, and Environmental Management. I also supervise Honours, Masters and PhD students on climate change mitigation, adaptation, freshwater management, sustainability, and Indigenous environmental management. Join me on this exciting journey of discovery and change!

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